Dimensional Compressive Contrast

In Art by jesus

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Dimensional Compressive Contrast

With this study – based on Alexa Meade’s exploration of contexts in MILK – I have investigated the compressive aspect of 3D performances shown on 2D media.

Photography has always been my passion – thanks to one of my older brothers – and I wanted to explore the limits of the basics. For that matter the title was very straightforward: foreground, subject and background become a single entity and depth of field is shallow as the imprint in a coin.

 Wanting to push it further, I created hyper-contrasted scenarios using a comprehensive colour palette – following Josef Albers‘ Interaction of Colour, 7963 and traditional conventions in history for complementary colours (ancient Egypt, Vang Gogh, Vermeer, Warhol et al).

 Using uncommon materials to break the influx of light, the traditional background-foreground dichotomy has been all-but removed. Fluid textures further add to the dynamism of the images. Suggestive form and exposed body parts are introduced to help the viewer’s brain arrive at a conclusion and rewire emotional paths.

Please have a look also at the making-of.