First shots (manual SLR, 35mm film): aged 10
First local competition won: aged 16
First local publication: aged 18
First assignment: aged 19 (La Caixa Bank)
First artwork sold: aged 20
First major won: aged 31 (National Geographic)
First exhibition (invited): aged 32 (New York), See Me Exhibition
First solo Exhibition: aged 33 (Sydney Arthouse)
Best exhibition venue (invited): aged 34, Musée du Louvre (Paris)

Born in Madrid (Spain) in 1981, I started “borrowing” my older brother’s camera before I was 10 and my passion led me to be completely self-taught from books and to spending my pocket money on films instead of sweets.

I have photographed buildings, landscapes and people from over 25 countries and the knowledge I acquired in my two degrees (“Architecture” and “Design and Innovation”) shows right through the images and compositions. All of them are exercises of German-accurate composition, proportion, geometry and color literacy. I always search for the unshown and the unconventional (as National Geographic stated in his award-winning picture footnote:”…rules are there to be broken…”).

I started looking for professionals to learn from in Madrid, where I worked as photographer assistant for Pablo Lecroisey at Dolche & Lecro, S.L. ( and Carlos Hermann Bruch ( My passion has led me to find my new “guru”: José María Mellado. “I have succumbed to the digital era but I have learnt how to show the emotions hidden behind each photograph’s special and unique moment”. I was represented in London by The Wilton Gallery and I have done assignments for magazines and newspapers in different countries.

‘We can say he never takes pictures. He makes images out of his surrounding environment in his own way, once he collects and analyses it through his varied range of skills acquired after many years of experience and such a comprehensive education set.’

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